Shadow Solutions Firearms was very pleased to test Advanced Armament Corps 762-SDN-6, mounted on a 9″ AAC 300 Blackout MPW.  The SDN-6 is a solidly built suppressor, you really get the feeling that Advanced Armament cares about their products as soon as you open the box.  The SDN-6 is smooth and nicely finished, and as expected, comes with all the regular manuals and propaganda, as well as a nice multi-cam pouch.

The SDN-6 is quick and easy to attach to the 51 tooth muzzle break, it only takes one-and-a-half twists.  Once it’s mounted, you immediately notice the additional weight at the end of your weapon, it’s not a light can.  The SDN-6 isn’t overly heavy though, and when mounted on an SBR like the AAC MPW, it balances out nicely.

The sound reduction of this can is one of the best we have ever heard. We fired Gemtech 187 gr. subsonic 300 Blackout ammunition for testing purposes and the results were impressive. The dampened recoil and sound from this suppressor let us really hear the 30 cal. rounds crushing steel targets.

The SDN-6 definitely lives up to the hype, great can, great price. Highly recommended.





  1. I love mine!

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